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100+ Reasons Why You Deserve Child Support

1. For rent/mortgage/shelter.

2. For pampers and wipes.

3. For food.

4. For clothes.

5. For shoes.

6. For toys.

7. For childcare.

8. For savings.

9. For every time you’ve had to bite your tongue to keep the peace.

10. For every time you wanted to go but had no sitter.

11. To pay the sitter when you do have one.

12. For the sleep you can never catch up on.

13. For every time your titties get engorged.

14. For having to deal with his people.

15. Or for their lack of presence at all.

16. For every lie he’s told on you.

17. For the looks you get on the airplane if your baby cries. ️

18. For the days you look tired as you feel. 🥱

19. For the meals you miss simply losing track of time caring for your baby.

20. For the weight you gain.

21. For the weight you lose.

22. For the hair you lose.

23. For the hair that grays.

24. For the times your baby pees on you.

25. For the blowouts.

26. For the temper tantrums.

27. For your child's education.

28. For the days you have to call off work.

29. For the days you have to go to work.

30. For toiletries.

31. For medicine.

32. For the moments you have to laugh to keep from crying.

33. For having to share your phone.

34. For never having privacy again.

35. For postpartum depression.

36. For having to trade real bras for nursing bras.

37. For your showers becoming shorter.

38. For the times you’ve had to take your baby in the bathroom with you.

39. For every time you’ve held your pee for fear of waking the baby.

40. For every time you've held your pee because you were feeding the baby.

41. For the bladder infection. 🥴

42. For every night you had to sleep on your back to be your baby’s mattress.

43. For the backaches as a result.

44. For your breasts being held hostage.

45. For the stretching

46. sagging

47. flattening of your breasts.

48. For not being able to use your breast sexually probably ever again.

49. For every time your baby gums/

50. bites/

51. drags your nipple.

52. For the body that will never be the same.

53. For the labor pains.

54. For every time your baby screamed and cried in the backseat and you had to contemplate pulling over to console them.

55. For every time your baby screamed and cried in a restaurant.

56. For every time your baby screamed and cried for no apparent reason.

57. For every time you’ve had to remind yourself not to be embarrassed or feel as if you’re disrupting the peace anywhere, even your own home because your baby is screaming and crying.

58. For every time you got you and/or your baby dressed just for them to spit up. 🤮

59. For every time you’ve had to check strangers about the six foot rule because Carona and basic boundaries

60. For every time someone asks is this your first child and you have to:

61. Lie.

62. Tell the truth.

63. Say technically and smile awkwardly.

64. Cause you could be asking for support for two.

65. Cause you shouldn't have to ask.

66. For every time your child’s father has called you out of your name. 🤬

67. For every time you’ve felt unsafe.

68. For every time you’ve been made to feel like anything less than an excellent mother.

69. For every bitch he speaks

70. down

71. on

72. your

73. name

74. to.

75. For every time you pray for him and wish him well in spite of.

76. For every time you’ve struggled (alone) with the car seat

77. Stroller.

78. Bags.

79. For having to be the bag lady.

80. For every opportunity that you have to pass up.

81. For health insurance.

82. For life insurance.

83. For car insurance.

84. For the therapy needed being in this situation.

85. To buy your parents something nice for filling in the gaps.

86. To buy yourself something nice for filling in the gaps. 🥰

87. For having to hold the phone while your baby FaceTimes the other parent.

88. For the considerations that are too often taken for granted.

89. Because parenting alone in a pandemic makes everything more stressful.

90. For every time you unpacked your baby and all their items from the car, get to the door and realize you forgot your mask

91. For every time you’ve been late due to unforeseen momming.

92. For every wall your baby will draw on.

93. For your car never staying clean again.

94. For car detailing.

95. For the times he shoots his shot at you as if your previous experience wasn’t traumatic enough.

96. As if you’d ever be that dumb again.

97. Because he apparently thinks you’re that dumb.

98. Because he’s dumb.

99. For every conversation that goes unnecessarily left.

100. For every necessary conversation that never happens.

101. For being exposed to toxic masculinity from someone who should love and protect you, regardless of your relationship status.

102. To pay for your gun license and training

103. For your tv being on Disney Jr. 92% of the time.

104. Because even when you get a “break”, you are still thinking about/pumping for/checking on/planning for your baby.

105. Cause he gon hate you anyway sis.

106. For emergencies.

107. Because you cannot put a price on your day to day experience.

108. Because you wrestle with whether you should file for child support, as if it’s a slight to him or you.

109. Because not receiving child support is not a badge of honor

110. Because you should not be deemed struggling to get the help you are due.

111. Because every single thing that affects you affects your baby.

112. Because the above mentioned is underrated.

113. Because the parenting scales are severely unbalanced. For moms (typically) it’s 25/8. For Dad’s (again, typically), it’s when and if they feel like it.

114. Because we do so much without the help of the other parent, providing financially is the very least they could do.

115. Insert your reason here sis.

116. Oh yea, and most importantly, child support is for the child.

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